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What kinds of services One Touch included ?

Basic Service :

*Top -class certificate in custom , enjoying the grean path

*Low risk by checking ,thus further assured the shipping time

*Promofessional Custom declaration team consists of professors on Custom & inspection staffs

*Clients may have not export permit or professional team ,thus can save manpower & cost on


*Services cover all ports of China with the princerpy of choosing the near port

*Normalized exchange rates ; Rates cleared & arranged within on work day according the bank rates .

*Initiative services : Bank of China already set up the countar at one touch

*Assist clients on getting tax drawbacks from Government ,thus help to improve 10% profit

*Assist clients to get the tax drawbacks within 3 days ,thus can help of promote finacial circulating .

*Easy handling , foreign trade just like domestic trade , only need the normal financial process .


2+N Agent for export services ( Custom declaration / Currency exchange


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