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Hermes committed to provide a one-stop service to our customes,such as  clearance, customs service by Ocean and Air to USA, Europe, Canada, Japan and other coutries;Thought this service,the E-sellers can accurately budget to the logistics cost before delivery in order to prince the products and reduce the risk of assessment lose;

The advantages of FBA one-stop:

1:Profesional:We are familiar with Amazon FBA transport requirements,know how to deal with the problem of transportation;And reasonable to avoid the corresponding risk;at the same time,we can rovide assistance to foreign customs clearance, pay tax and other services,then successfully put the cargo into the Amazon warehouse.

2 Efficiency;Once we receive the order data,we book  shipping space in advance and timely send the cargoes into the warehouse . At the same time, our foreign agent will be ready the clearance and order the time of delivery, the whole chain locked with smoothly and tight, with the fastest time in the Amazon warehouse.

3 Additional;We offer profesional custom service from beginning to the cargoes put into the Amazon warehouse,track to make customers feel at ease, rest assured that worry. The HERMES can provide quality value-added services: provide overseas warehousing, processing returned, and print the label of the Amazon, put the label, box and other services, let the customer enjoy the high value of the Amazon FBA and distribution services. To FBA French  FBA German  FBA British with one-stop customs clearance;

We can help exporters delivery the cargoes to the warehouse of the destination where client specified ; and be responsible for customs clearance, paying tariffs. As the same time,we help pick up the cargoes that the foreign importers purchase  from China cities , customs, and successfully help customers clearance, paying tariffs, and agree the delivery time, goods will be on time delivery;

The door to door /one dragon shipping service we offerd is especially suitable for to do international trade SOHO, electronic commerce, foreign direct purchase business, emigration of individuals or consider for importers to reduce time consuming and tedious in the clearance of foreign exporters. Our service can let you only pay attention to their own international import and export business, and tracking the flows of goods and progress.

We only need you a phone or an e-mail, the rest job just need offer to us, so you have more time and energy to develop your own business.

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