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The company also specializes in import freight: HongKong delivery, transportation, inspection (inspection), customs declaration, customs clearance, delivery in ShenZhen all in one service.

The goods are declared as express: to express the customs declaration form (KJ1, KJ2, KJ3 class declaration form) customs declaration, customs clearance.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Simple Procedure:according to the regulations of the National Express regulatory regulations, import customs clearance can be exempted from import procedures, most of the goods do not need to provide any documents while importing

2. Fast in Speed:one to two days Shenzhen delivery.

3. Lower Total Cost:the tax and fee are in cover ,price can be adjust by kilogram.According to the regulations of the National Express regulation, the import of express customs declaration can reduce the tax and fee.

Wide Adaptation:express declaration are mainly emergency goods and small bulk cargo,or goods which are strict supervised by the trade customs and complex procedures goods.But in the actual operation mass freight can also be imported as express by batch import .

The following goods are most suitable for the use of express customs (express customs):

1, small bulk, small amount of samples and advertising articles etc.;

2.products lacking of documents (like 3C)

3.emergency cargo without handling the customs clearance procedures

4.No need of VAT invoice products to save costs

5.Private using goods

What you need is to provide characteristic of goods .We would provide you the most favorable prices for transportation,completed all import formalities and import it as soon as possible.

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