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Ocean shipping

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FCL Freight:

Hermes  relying on the Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo and other ports ,With many domestic customers to maintain close business contacts, covering all countries and regions of the world 。Our contract ocean import and export  business, including customer inquiries, booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, interior, door to door, fumigation and other services operation, can best meet  the needs of guests。With many Carriers companies signed a tariff agreement very advantageous contract ,such as COSCO , KMTC ,MCC SITC ,RCL ,EMC ,MSK ,MAERSK ,UASC and so on .Hermes with a number of shipowners to carry out e-business cooperation,online realization of electronic shipping booking, cargo tracking,from the timetable inquiries, booking, confirmation, provisioning, bill of lading issued by other sectors can be achieved online.Through advanced e-commerce technology and extensive tariff agreement,hermes able to provide customers with a variety of choices and flexibility shipowners schedule.Meanwhile, the by professional personnel,what customers think,continuously improve service quality,to provide customers with professional, dedicated and thoughtful shipping services.

LCL Freight:

Hermes stable supply LCL import and export services,hermes selected destination agent for the local well-known multi-agency,thus providing customers with a guaranteed service port of destination,there is no port of destination high fees and other phenomena complaints,lay a solid foundation for further cooperation with the customer.Regular weekly flights LCL cargo handled LTL,and can provide the plant (warehouse) Receipt.Hermes international LCL services covering more than 100 basic ports and inland points,companies are located straight fight in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other routes,global coverage of thousands of ports and inland managers pay close attention to the overall operation,and various links between warehouses, customs, around the branch convergence close,to provide customers with timely weekly LCL service.

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Southeast Asia

Singapore, Port Klang, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila

Middle East

Dubai, Dammam, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Sharjah

India and Pakistan

That Waxi Wa, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Pipavav, New Delhi, Karachi, Colombo


Istanbul, Beirut, Izmir


Hamburg, Felixstowe, the Netherlands, Antwerp, Le Havre, Zeebrugge

US East Coast US West

Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, New York, Detroit

Central and South America

Manzanillo, Brad Ventura, Guayaquil, Santos, Buenos Aires


Durban, Johannesburg, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Ticketmaster, Lagos, Tunisia


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle, Auckland

Japan and South Korea

Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Busan, Incheon

Inquiry and booking

1. Understand customer shipment requirements: number, name, time of shipment, transit requirements.

2. According to customer needs, provide a corresponding service to customers to compare and choose: whole, LCL options: FCL and LCL transport pattern analysis to compare their advantages and disadvantages; different timetable, range selection, the corresponding cost differences; port to port, DDU, DDP, Ex-work, different characteristics of their trade transportation costs

3. To remind customers to port and the port of destination specific job requirements and special documents such as licenses, MSDS, case descriptions.

Cargo shipment tracking

1. According to customer demand to make bookings, shipping companies to determine the bill of lading number and S / O information.

2. Inquiries and inform the shipping company plans to be cut into the box arrival time.

3. Providing customers to send into the warehouse receipts or door to door packing plan. Can be arranged on-site monitoring equipment and services.

4. Loading home business, clearly the team packing requirements.

5. All customs documents for the initial examination of documents, to remind customers to provide the goods declaration elements, permits, inspection and other information. Cut Gangqian Claim lading information.

6. Time tracking boxes of goods into port and inbound data, customs procedures, customs clearance time.Cargo inspection occurs, first confirm whether the goods in question, and notify the site declaration processing scheme.Track identification process, avoid checkpoints for no more than the shipping companies cut time of arrival.

7. Confirm station receipts sent to the timely release of the single port area.

8. Put off the pier tracking information, shipping information and time of sailing time. Special circumstances point to point tracking.

9. Sending shipment information to foreign agents, in order to follow their arrangements for single, customs clearance, delivery and so on.

Subsequent shipment of cargoes

1. Tracking and urged shipping companies signing, and timely arrangements for the MB / L or HB / L delivered to customers as soon as possible。

2. Tracking customs manifest verification information, in time for chargeback procedures.

3. Ship arrival time tracking and timely customer feedback.

4. DDU / DDP goods to provide notice of arrival (POD) to the customer.

5. The cost of providing confirmation&Invoiced.

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