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HERMES Business Concept:

Construction on Brand Culture :Profession & effectiveness --Hermes pay high value on positioning & establishing the rightness onbrand concept . Hermes already get the nice comment from clients during the past half years due to we arealways taking a professional attitude ,as we know the outstanding from thefieice marketing competition & sounddevelopment must need us grasp the good service as "Efficient,Trust &High quality ".

We will arrange a series of trainingcourses for every new staff, in order to let them show client the most professional appearance. Forclient, the brand culture of logistics enterprise is the logistics enterpriseculture. We can create the developmentspace only when we are being more professional and familiar with the marketing tendency.In themarketing competition, we need to be unique when face more and more competitor.Our further development need ourclient's trust.

2.The construction of humanisticculture, people-oriented principle.

(1)Our modern logistics enterprises, mostly from the traditionaltransport business transformation, uphold our unique "hard work" of the traditional virtues and"Him" spiritual characteristics. Crossroad they formed a fine tradition of hard work, the boss take the initiative to lead theestablishment of Lamor's image in the early development of the company. Meanwhile, the company developed acompetitive incentive mechanism, while caring positive striver, regularly organize recreational activitiesto encourage employees to physical and mental health. In response to this action atmosphere, is the development ofChina's logistics and excellent pre-need some corporate culture, the company's employee behavior has played apositive role in guiding. Adhere to the people-oriented principle, continue to carry forward the traditionalculture.

(2)Staff is a company and shareholder value creators, it is animportant component elements that constitute of the company's core competitiveness.Company have a great concerned about the growth of staff and believe that thegrowth of staff and the growth of company is the basis and promoteeach other. Company help and support the staff’s growth begin in the first day that the staff came.

Company provide not only a job opportunity to the staff, but also astage of show their expertise, their talent and creativity. The basis ofpersonal value achievement is the company value. Company will provide development space for each staff.

In Hermes ,99% of the newemployees are relatively young, this is our biggest advantage.The forward momentum of our every employee,from the desire to succeed and pursuit。We dare, daring, dares, daring, we are not afraid of failure, we haveplenty of energy 。But the young also ourgreatest weakness, our lack of social experience, vision is notenough open, easy to go to extremes, easy to fall into conceit, even narcissistic. When we are keenlyaware of their weaknesses is the beginning of success.

We appreciate the courage to takeresponsibility, we are more appreciation for the ideal person to work, we want our employees are from theheart truly love their work, to work, to enjoy work and become masters work。Hermes  need to learn, we must cherish every employeezero mentality relearned. Faced with competition, and constantly self-cultivation。Faced with competition, and constantly self-cultivation. To help newemployees quickly integrated into thecorporate culture, the rapid growth in the organization, the pursuit ofexcellence, the ultimate challenge, to stimulatepotential in the company to maximize value.

(3)A good Employee should have strict requirements by Working standard,one step one footprint,Exercise not only at work, but also tostudy hard, to a higher ladder.Our company's continued development needs loyal employees,Companies operating inachieving development goals,  alsoprovide space for personal development and to create conditions to helpthem achieve personal development and growth.Provide career planning for employees, help employees developtheir potential, improve quality, achieve value, Living in high quality life.According to our company'sdevelopment plan, our company has  twoseries of management by professional and technical series for staffdevelopment.Our company equipped different guidance staff for different stagesof Employee ,to provide different training courses.


Enterprise values cannot be converted into the basic hypothesis ofmanagers, the staff will not be able to form a relatively unified basichypothesis, the more cannot build strong logistics enterprise culture.It shouldbe pointed out that, the enterprise valuesand managers to deviate from the basic assumptions of also will inevitablycause confusion on the staff thought,led to a decline in enterprise cohesion, weaken the competitive power of Enterprises.

Team work 、efficient 、honesty 、Trust ,Enterprising、Achievement、 Passionate、 Acquittal . Unity is a prerequisite to realize the value of the organization , every memberof the organization work and strive together in the common culture, common ideals and common pursuit, aiming toachieve the value maximization .Learning is the power source of the organizationto create value .Every member in the organization not only learns from each other, help each other, improve together but alsolearn advanced experience and technology outside the organization so that every employee and throughout theorganization always progress and improve and provide skill accumulation for the company value maximization.Vitality is the power to create the organization's deadline, every member of the organization is alwaysfull of vigor, vitality, positive and progressive, and create a good atmosphere of creating value .And Andinnovation is the means to realize the value of the organization, every member of the organization aredetermined to forge ahead, bold innovation, creative work, so that every employee in the organization's abilityand wisdom are fully play.According the development oflogistics industry nowadays, we set up an develop strategies for earlier stage while insist on start fromourselves, start from the small and in no hurry to do big, priority servicequality stable region ,look forward to provideunusual logistics experience to serve our users. Thus abstract a set of capableto stable support high qualityservice and a processing to feedback effective information to our core forexplored development competitive power togive back to society.

We hope to lead the regionindustry competition from price to quality ,in order to benefit to alllogistics service users .Looking forward you join into our business, we must make progress together. Our slogan is: Fast, Integrity, Quality!

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