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Amazon seller frequently Unavoidable Account Be shut down、can not put on sale、Customer Returns etc.It is a problem maybe each seller will encounter. QIANMO Provide services about Returns accepted 、Replacement、replace label、Repackaging and proxy Send goods to Amazon in America、Canada、Japan and England,It is useful to yous commodity Sales again and Avoid Loss of goods

Hermes Provide services about Returns accepted、 Replacement、replace label in America Japan Germany and England warehouse.Through communication with customers we find that almost all seller have extra goods in amazon's warehouse and can sales.There have some main resons can Create of the problem.

NO 1:Packaging damage during the shipping,they can not Warehousing the goods as a new one

NO 2:Substandard or invalid of the LISTING Check.

NO 3:Goods infringing defendant and Account has been closed.

95% Among of them can Re-sales by process about these Unsalable goods ,because:

NO 1:The product is not damaged Damage is the package

NO 2:Maybe the Buyer Return Goods just because His personal reson for the package

NO 3:You can Solve the problem by creating a new one or sales the same googs with other Sellers

NO 4:If a account number Fell but have goods on this account number,change a new shell and sent them to another one.

The status quo is that most sellers are in domestic they can not deal with the goods they have to Resigned . As the time pass go more and more goods Overstock in the amazon Warehouse,Apart the Storage charges and Destruction costs by amazon main of  the sellers lost are Loans have been spent、Labor cost、Labeling costs、First trip expenses、tariff 、 charge by FBA  and  estimated earnings. Deal with the overstock become the big problem and many sellers lost themselves in this . Even if  amazon provide help to Returned goods but where they can return to

TO a Transport Company and return domestic it is much expensive.Authorize amazon destroy You could not bear,let them Stay at FBA you have to Pay the money to Amazon Warehouse and will not stop unless Sold out.QIANMO is a assistant to helping you solve the problem and it is your goods’second home except the FBA warehouse it is a key to helping you break the problem. QIANMO provide repackage replace the label transport and the second sell service. Our Foreign warehouse Employee Familiar with product features and Return rules about amazon.

They can deal with replace the label、Bale and transport immediately. Own Hermes Overseas warehouse all of your goods can get The greatest extent use and sales you will not Pay unnecessary money to amazon any more and the money you give up Withdraw is come back ................................

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