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Professional handling Amazon FBA warehouse clearance delivery, domestic and foreign senior declaration,

Have good close cooperation with Customs, customs ensure quick to solve the problem, Customers do not need to worry.

Legal help customers design, economical overseas tax solutions to reduce

Tax costs and improve operational efficiency.

In the United States, Britain, Germany, has a well-known customs, the goods can be

Arrive at the airport, ports and other responsible for customs clearance, post-clearance by the freight or express public I direct the Secretary for delivery to the door.

Hermes Can Provide special customs clearance,Clearance document, Customs clearance agent for you .If your FBA merchandise have been detained by Local Customs We can

Help you deal with Clearance and you can save unnecessary expenditure because of Merchandise returned

We have many Advantages just like this:

NO 1:Amazon FBA warehouse Clearance and Delivery by ocean shipping ,you do not need  registration of the company in the local country

NO 2: We have the power about exports and imports,it is my pleasure to helping you Import and export

NO 3:we huave Senior customs broker in China

NO 4:United States Senior customs broker (they have twenty years of customs clearance experience In the eastern and western United States )

NO 5::United Kingdom Senior customs broker(they have ten years of customs clearance experience about customs clearance and Freight)

We kown many Customs declaration companys in five European countries and japan they can help you customs clearance at the first time when your Merchandise Arrive at the airport and Direct delivery by express company.

At the present time QAINMO Provide services including ten countries: Ameraca、 England、Germany、Canada、France、Japan、Spain、 Italy 、Australia and Mexico. We get a lot of recognition

From Counterparts and We have helped Counterparts

We Committed to providing Most convenient、Save worry and save costs Ocean shipping Service for our client(Importer、Exporters and E-commerce company). We always willing Become your trustworthy partner and Help you Set sail. We believe that we can become the best one in the future.

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