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INT’L two-side clearamce

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Explanation of freight:The price includes ocean freight,clearance fee, document fee, customs clearance fee,the ratio of 1:500. But excluding any charge of customs inspection.

Delivery requirement: Within 50 km is free.

Document requirement:booking,packing list and invoice


1. Our company does formal customs clearance.We can provide independent customs tax bill to consignee at the port of destination. Consignee can apply for a return of the customs of the GST, And provide yourself trade amount to government(Austalia has a regulation,the higher the volume of trade, the easier it is to apply for the residence permit and various preferential【163 Immigration policy】and various preferential).

2. Every single commodity type isn’t more than five,over each kind of add RMB25 customs clearance fee.

3. Solid wood products need do fumigation charge in China

4. The wording of “Made in China”must be posted with tage on each clothes,otherwise the goods aren’t cleared the customs.

Two-side clearance doesn’t include the insurance.If you need it,you can consult the insuranca charge some other time.

Advantage of Two-sides clearance :  

Security: We choose the best shipping company for you ,the sailing time is assured as quoted ,we apply for A -class enterprise servic of customs clearance,guarantee of China Pacific insurance company all the time,without pay customs clearance of inspection,not warry about the port of destination customs clearance.We service for you the entire journey.


At present we have opened the double service following countries:Korea,Taiwan,Vietnam,Philipplines,Singapore,Thailand,Kampuchea,Malaysia,Indensia,Australia,New Zealand,The United Arab Emirates,America,Canada,Germany,Nigeria…

Privilege:Our company promise the servicce at the same time,try our best to benefit to our masses of customers.We also irregularly launch special activity to giving back to the support of masses of customers.


1、 We can accept part of the dangerous goods:liquid,powder,batteries,paint,branded products.

In addition,we provide service box in the box.

2、We provide freight collect service and cod services.

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