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Hermes provide DDU to all FBA warehouse.arrange unique routing for Amazon salers in America.Europe.Tokyo and Canada,dividing into economical and fast.Major in CFS and CY. And according to the customer's own needs to customize the personalized service, special customer will follow up, handle, Don't mix tank, ensure customs clearance speed. In addition we cooperate with Amazon specified towed the car, ensure the delivery of most valuable services.We provide shipping, air transport, express delivery direct FBA.

The procedure:

Airlift  FBA

More than hundred  flights  every  week.Order cut:12  o'clock  from  Monday  to  Saturday.CFS  cut:18  o'clock  today.Last  for  one  week  from  order  cut  date to  shipment  to   FBA  warehouse  in  UK.Hermes    could  return  tracking  trace  and  assist  solving  problems.

Above  500kgs.particular  flight  would  arranged  for  you!

Ocean shipping  FBA

Ocean  shipment  schedule:two  shipments  every  week.CFS  CUT:Tuesday  and  Thursday  18:00.Loaded  after  check  cargo.T/T  is  25  days  to  UK  terminal,2  to  4  days  could  delivery  to  FBA  warehouse.

Also  can  arrange  particular  CFS  or  CY  shipment  to  FBA  in  Europe.America.Canada  and  Japan


FBA warehouse in the United States, the United States is the most prosperous market cross-border electricity development, electrical business logistics development is thriving.

British FBA warehouse, can be realized by the British to all European overseas warehouse, also can delivery directly to European overseas warehouse.

Germany FBA warehouse, developed after the British FBA warehouse delivery another special services, our advantages of direct FBA warehouse in Germany.

French FBA storehouse.we stand out from the peers, under the situation that rarely in many domestic electricity freight company can direct the French storehouse, provide direct French FBA.

Japan FBA warehouse, amazon promote Japanese market promotion in 2015, there are more sellers to enter Japan.Japan's overseas warehouse shipping delivery.

FBA warehouse, Canada's overseas warehouse were generally accepted by electricity customers in 2015.

Spanish FBA warehouse .our forwarder only can provide the Spanish market straight amazon's company  in SHENZHEN, we have a strong logistics network, directly to customs clearance in Spain

Italian FBA storehouse, Hermes is shenzhen freight market only provide direct FBA forwarder company in Italy, the Italian national transit air cargo without a third party.

Mexico FBA storehouse, Mexico is a new open market, is one of the traditional   logistics handling skillfully market  for Hermes, at present, the overseas warehouse market in Mexico is not very mature.

Airline and  ocean freight , express delivery, customs clearance and the tax cost, preferential price, please consult the salesman!

tax calculation:

Tax = tariff + VAT

Tariffs = declared value * tariff rates

VAT = (declared value + freight cost + tariffs) * 20%

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