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Head Operation of Amazon FBA

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In the marketing, people who is doing business on Amazon Platform also choose Amazon FBA as mode of transportation besides International Parcel and International Special Air Line.So what’s Amazon FBA and how’s the operation procedure? What’s FBA’s advantage.Let’s introduce the specific content.

Simply put, Amazon FBA(English name: Fullfillment by Amazon) is one-stop service from Amazon FBA warehouse. Logistics companies offer air/sea freight and express service to help the sellers who run the online store on Amazon Platform to transport cargoes from China to Amazon’s warehouse in America&England.Amazon FBA is one of the three major business of Amazon.

Amazon FBA one-stop offer services as below:

1. Transportation service

Offer clearance and warehoue delivery service in Japan,England,America,Germany.

Resolution from FBA of delivery cargo to America:

1.Express: DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT(The seller who is suitale for this service: just start business,want fast aging,don’t have many shipments and the weight is under 200kgs)

2. Air freight:America FBA with clearance at both side&VAT

Service introduction:America Amazon with clearance at both side&VAT is the service that ship cargo to America by air through airport LAX&CHI , then deliver cargo by UPS.

Advantage of America Amazong included clearance at both side&VAT:

① competitive price, stable aging, 100% clearance for general cargo

② booking under the online system,following in whole process,get into W/H without appointment

③ no VAT, the local PFC will help to do clearance and pay VAT after cargo arrived

3. Ocean freight: America FBA with clearance at both side&to door.

Service introduction: America Amazon ocean freight with clearance at both side& to door is the service that combine ocean freight and inland transportation through port like LA, in order to cut-through ocean&inland logistics.

Advantage of America Amazong included clearance at both side&VAT:

①competitive price, all in rate as low as USD4/KG, and no other charges at destination port.

② fast aging, 14~16days to America by sea, deliver cargo by truck in America, it only takes 20days to door totally

③ convenient and fast procedure.You only need to deliver cargo to us and offer packing list(include commodity name,volume,weight,value) and invoice, then we will arrange everything for you.

Hermes E-commerce Logistics LTD focus on FBA one-stop service. Our route throughtout all warehouse of Amazon.No need to register oversea and only need to call us or email us, then we can help you to ship cargo into Amazon’s warehouse safely to avoid any trouble.

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